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Zines Interactive  
Designed for the Next-Generation Digital Marketer
An Interactive Content Management Platform for the AI Era
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What is Zines?

Zines is a new content management system for interactive content marketing. Zines provides an easy-to-use visual editor to help you create attractive, multi-media pages than a traditional blog service.

With the built-in interactive widgets, and flexible templates, you can build a digital content channel for your brands in no time.







Why content marketing ?

Content can entertain and educate your potential customers, while triggering purchase intent without being pushy.

Key to successful conversion:  Talk to your customers about what interests or concerns them, and demonstrate how your brand and product can help.






Do you need Zines?

Are you looking to upgrade your blog with better editing features ?

Do you want to convert your offline publication to digital for your online audience? 

Your website is out-of-date, and you need a new content solution to create RWD pages?

Your want to tell better stories for your products?

Looking for landing page solutions?

Zines may be your answer to better content marketing.

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An New Interactive Content Blog for the AI Era

Zines uses visitor data to make intelligent recommendations for your content.

With the built-in interactive widgets (such as polls, quiz, contest) , you can launch social promotions to collect leads, issue coupons and create viral spread for your brand content.

Build your fan database and plan for personal content broadcasting via Chat bot.

Best-in-Class Visual Page Builder

WYSIWYG page editor



Flexible RWD layout


Movable content blocks


Built-in interactive widgets


Support 3rd party plug-ins


Search engine optimised (SEO)


All-in-one cloud hosting service


Support Custom Domain


Support https (SSL)